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5 Podcasts I love

I work remotely, most of the time alone in my Home Office. This presents a problem, the house is too quiet! and an opportunity: Consume Awesome Podcasts!

These are just 5 of the Podcasts I love, and I hope you to do.

Test Talks
I love that Test talks has a razor sharp focus on Test Automation. Well produced and easy to follow, this Podcast comes highly recommended.

One of my all time favourite Podcasts, Saron his hilarious and gets the best out of her guests. The focus here is all about exploring peoples coding journeys.

base cs
Base on the base.cs blog series, Saron and Vaidehi cover some classic Computer Science topics in a very consumable way. I always learn something with this one!

< .NET Rocks! />
A very up beat and content rich Podcast, the focus here is on developments in the world of .NET

This is my pick went I want to go broad and listen to news from all around the technology industry. There isn't much in here directly about software development, but it's nice catch up on the wider world of Tech!

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