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Ben Dowen
Ben Dowen

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Show off your Test Automation Skills!

I recently posted about the Test Automation University:

They have just introduced a shiny new feature, where you get a "Certificate" for completing a course, that can easily be shared on Twitter, LinkedIn or put on your CV!

They have also introduced a few new courses since my last post, including:

If you have already completed a course, you can
find your certificate here.

For example, here is one of mine:
Ben's Certificate

Got any other, creative ways, to show off your learning and skills? Maybe you have a great technique for building a portfolio, or you do all your learning in open GitHub repos so you can show perspective employers?

Let me know! I'm looking for new ways to record and show off my learning - while also opening myself up so others can more easily critique my work and give me feedback. Discuss in comments.

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