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Testing HTML5 Upload


A current project I am testing involves a HTML5 file upload. I had thought that the "Browser" a file prompt would prevent me from using a Selenium test framework to automate this process. However it turns out, as with many things that this is a "Solved problem".

The short answer is, you can identify the "Browser" button input element and use "Send Keys" function to provide the path to the file you want to upload. You then trigger the submit butting using the "Click" command as normal.

Setup a virtual environment and install SeleniumBase

I entered the following commands in a PowerShell prompt, I already have Python 3, pip and virtualenv installed.

cd e:\dev
virtualenv uploadtestenv
pip install seleniumbase
seleniumbase install chromedriver
seleniumbase mkdir file_upload_test
cd file_upload_test
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SeleniumBase Help docs are available:

To run this example - copy the following into a file called

from seleniumbase import BaseCase
from time import  time
from os import remove

class MyTestClass(BaseCase):

    def test_basic(self):
        # setup testdata to be uploaded

        # time based filename generated for this run only
        filename = str(int(round(time() * 1000))) + ".txt"

        # path with filename
        path = "E:\\dev\\file_upload_test\\" + filename

        f= open(filename,"w+")
        for i in range(10):
            f.write("This is line %d\r\n" % (i+1))

        # SelinumBase test"")
        self.send_keys('#file-upload', path)'#file-submit')
        self.assert_exact_text(filename, '#uploaded-files')

        # Clean up testdata
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To run the test (again, PowerShell, same folder):

pytest .\ --demo_mode
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Thank you

This prototype example makes use of the HTML5 Uploader on the wonderful "The Internet" resource, by Dave Haeffner. A very helpful resource for helping to test out Selenium tests. Check it out:

The test data creation example is based on a Guru99 article: Python File Handling: Create, Open, Append, Read, Write

Cover Photo "Python Book" by Christina Morillo

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