Stop playing Tetris with your time

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dozillo.com is now free.

We built dozillo.com to make time management easier. If you've ever tried to schedule task time on a timeline you'll know how time consuming it is to move things around when requirements change. It's just like a constant game of Tetris, which leads to gaps in your schedule and workload overload.

It's also incredibly unrealistic to plan task time for a set number of hours each day...

Tasks don't work like that in the real world. How often have you set out to start a task only to hit an unexpected blocker? It use to happen to us a lot.

When planning and scheduling tasks, it makes much more sense just to allocate a time effort and set a start and end date.

This allows you to manage your own time and work off a straight forward task list that is prioritised by date.

Give dozillo a try, it uses algorithms to calculate the earliest completion date for tasks, based on the estimated time effort and your actual available time. So no more unrealistic deadlines or your time being overbooked.

Give dozillo.com a go, we'd love to get your feedback. It's free

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Sign-up button doesn't work. I get an error 500.


Hi Mateusz

Can you jump on the chat on the website and I'll see if we can get this resolved for you. Just click the chat icon in the bottom of your browser.



This has been resolved. We had an issue with browser adblockers.