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Experience sharing - My (first) webinar as part of IBM Developer - Red Hat OpenShift Saturdays

dpkshetty profile image Deepak C Shetty ・3 min read

I recently delivered an OpenShift webinar (beginner level) as part of the IBM Developer - Red Hat OpenShift Saturdays Series.

I enrolled myself as a Federated developer advocate as part of this dev advocacy challenge & this webinar was done in collaboration with a fellow IBM developer advocate (Masa Abushamleh)

Goal of these webinars are multi-fold ...

1) Increase footfall of IBM Developer webinars

2) Increase mindshare of OpenShift on IBM Cloud in the developer ecosystem

3) Improve embracing of OpenShift Technology/Platform in general

It was a great learning & sharing experience as this was the first time I was delivering a developer webinar live!

Some experience sharing points, which can be helpful for others planning to do similar webinars ...

1) We need to prepare the right-sized content with quality information. Quantity and Quality both should be your focus

2) To ensure we don't go overboard in terms of time - I along with my colleague did couple of dry runs to ensure we size the content to fit the 1-1.5 hrs duration.

3) To ensure we don't bore the audience with too much slides, We kept the PPT time to a minimum and focussed more on the Demos, inline with our "Show, not tell" philosophy!

4) Try not to use the bottom left corner of your screen for PPT or demo. Crowdcast (the streaming platform we use as part of IBM developer events) places the video bubbles on the bottom left corner of the screen (during live and replay) so its best to avoid that part of the screen as it gets covered by the video bubbles

5) There is no way for people to watch your webinar replay without registering on crowdcast. So when you share your replay co-ordinates, remember putting a note asking them to register in order to view the replay

6) Ensure you sit facing a light source so that your face is well illuminated and clearly visible. I had to do some adjustments in my room light source to make this happen

7) Its recommended to keep the camera at your eye level so that your face and actions are clearly visible to the audience.

Below are the details of my (first) webinar...

1) Title: Deploy Web Applications on a Free Red Hat OpenShift cluster

I gave 2 demos:
a) First demo around using existing Docker images for web applns and how to scale/update/rollback using OpenShift built-in features.
b) Second demo around how to use S2I OpenShift feature and deploy from source directly using PyFlask web framework as an example.
The second demo also shows how to connect Github with OpenShift to achieve Continuous Deployment (part of DevOps) capability

2) Replay Link:
(Click on the "i" icon besides the title for more info on the webinar)

NOTE: If you haven't logged into crowdcast before, you will need to register before you can watch the replay.

3) Total Runtime - 1 Hr
(First Demo - From 18:30 to 37:00 minutes into the timeline
Second Demo - From 39:00 to 57:00 into the timeline)

4) Gitbook and Github used during the demo

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