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DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Service

Setting Up Kubernetes using Digital Ocean K8s Managed Service


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Downloading the Config file and Setting up

Download Config

And when we open the config file we will see these details.

Config File

Setting up CLI kubectl

Kubectl need to connect to the k8s master, we nees:

  1. DNS/IP of the cluster
  2. Authentication Credentials

which will found in kubeconfig.

I'm setting up in windows. So, will be using below reference.

Download this Kubectl binary


Next Step, Move that Binary to C:\Binaries. If Binaries folder is not there, create one.


Create a Environment Variable to call this Binary.


Setting up config to connect with Kubernetes master

Move the kubeconfig file to C:\Users\ .kube and name it as config ( removing .yml extension)


To Verify, run kubectl , it will work from any path.


For, linux and MacOS installation refer below link.

Official Documentation
Udemy Course

Zeal Vora

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