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Revisiting old topics

When I wrote many of my posts, I'd often only just gotten an understanding of the subject matter. Because of this, I fear some information and terminology might not have been quite right. There are probably no major issues, but small mistakes can cause great confusion, e.g. if someone else is using slightly different definitions. People occasionally stumble upon those posts, so it's not just something in the past, damage-is-done kind of deal.

This is why I plan to delete and refactor some old posts, taking the opportunity to make some improvements in their general structure. Apologies for the post necromancy of the coming days.

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I get what you're saying, but shame isn't the main issue. New people are seeing my old posts and learning incorrect things. Others have already written good articles about many subjects. If my own articles don't improve on them in any way, I should rather link to theirs. Otherwise I'm just stroking my own ego, rather than divulging knowledge.

Misinforming people about a subject you love is like sending your mistress wilted flowers.