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My Last Pull Requests For Hacktoberfest

This last week of Hacktoberfest, I finished my last pull requests. I solved an issue for a Pet Adoption site built with React. The other pull request involved supporting count(1) for an SQL database queries in QuestDB.

To solve the first issue, I had to create a private route for the reset-password page. I had never done this before, so I had to do some research on private routes. I made a mistake at first by using the wrong authentication type but the developer was very helpful and I figured it out.

The other issue for QuestDB involved accepting count(1) the same way as count() in a database query. I struggled very much with this as it was a larger project. The developer again gave me some directives on what to do.

Both issues were eventually merged just in time. Hacktoberfest was a challenge for me, who is not very experienced as a developer yet, but I managed to complete four pull requests before the deadline and learned a lot from the experience. Best of luck to the other developers who have contributed greatly!

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