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New features of VScode v1.75

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Today I received the notification of the new version of VScode, v1.75, and I immediately (as I always do) installed it.

VScode never ceases to amaze and definitely tends to position itself as the gold standard of the word processors that programmers use, although it almost looks like an IDE.

Let's quickly review the most outstanding (because there are too many for a single post) of these new features.



What caught my attention the most in this new version is the possibility to create different PROFILES.

Now we can create profiles for different development scenarios, and have "different VScode configurations based on workflow" and we can "open multiple workspaces (folders) with different profiles applied simultaneously".


Integrated Live Preview

As they did at the time when they incorporated the bracket colorizer, this new version brings the new directive livePreview.customExternalBrowser which means the incorporation of an integrated way to the IDE of the Live Preview, for those who are used to the "Go live" of the Live server extension and similar, also allowing to select the browser to use by default or at any time.
Integrated Preview


Workbench (Workbench)

This new version allows to resize several views at the same time by dragging the common corners:
Example video here


New Preferences Menu

Version 1.75 brings a completely reorganized and more logically presented preferences menu.
New menu


Confirmation to open large files remotely

For those of us who work remotely (via SSH tunnels or others) it is important to "not open" large files when we stand on them, because of the resource consumption that this causes.

This new version limits the accidental opening of such files and allows to configure this feature through the new workbench.editorLargeFileConfirmation directive.
Confirmation for opening

Keyboards shortcut editor improvements

The shortcut editor now displays the extension that contributes to each shortcut, allowing you to edit and produce changes to the extensions themselves, in addition to other improvements.


Configuring the shell environment resolution timeout

Many of us have encountered when opening the program the warning that the shell environment resolution timeout has expired, and we are left not knowing what to do, other than restarting it.

The new application.shellEnvironmentResolutionTimeout directive (macOS and Linux only, for now) allows you to increase the shell environment resolution timeout when necessary.


Editor selection mode suggestion

The new editor.suggest.selectionMode directive now allows to configure whether intellisense suggestions are selected automatically (Enter or Tab) or by trigger characters.
Example video here


Redesigned inline suggestions toolbar

More compact and intuitive, the inline suggestions toolbar now has buttons that allow you to scroll through alternative suggestions.


New terminal shorcuts

The integrated terminal features new keyboard shortcuts that allow more actions without having to use the mouse, saving time when programming.

Terminal links are detected and presented as alternatives to access them using the Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + O command.

We can re-execute a recent command in the terminal without using the up or down arrows, but by searching for it with the command Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + R or searching the recent working directory with the command Ctrl/Cmd + G.
New shorcuts

Another new feature is that accessing the three dots (...) of the terminal presents new options that can be made accessible from the right mouse button.


Continue Working On

Another super interesting improvement is the so-called "Continue working on", a new feature that allows you to start in a Git repository in a local window and continue in a remote window as if it were a GitHub Codespace.

Similarly, you can work on a Git repository in a remote window and continue working on a new local clone using the "Continue working on new local clone" command.
Example video here

These are, among many others, some of the new features brought by VScode version 1.75 that contribute to continue positioning it as the browser of choice for most programmers of any language, in addition to the fact that it is still the best free and open source "IDE" available.

Explore in detail other new features (New commands, GitHub Repository management, Disabling commands, User Interface, Debugging, ESLint upgrade to version 2.4.0, GitHub Copilot default for business accounts, TypeScript 5.0 support, etc.) at the VScode site.

Until the next publication. Blessings.

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