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CPANdeps end of life

Back in 2007 I wrote CPANdeps, a web site which analysed dependencies between distributions on the CPAN, and displayed them along with their CPAN testers results.

I have decided to retire it, for several reasons. First, metacpan has sprouted tentacles to do the dependency analysis. Second, the code is a mess and it needs quite a bit of work to cope with the current size of the CPAN-testers database. But third, and most importantly, the employer that I left over a year ago are withdrawing the free hosting.

I've not actually used the site myself for a while, preferring the command line version. That, like metacpan, doesn't include test results, but I've found that I generally don't care much. Nigh on everything Just Works on every platform I care about.

It's going away on or shortly after the 17th of May. If anyone would like to take it over and host it themselves please email me.

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