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ngrok: Expose a local web server to the internet

Hello devs, I got introduced to a tool that allows you to expose a web server running on your local machine to the internet. Its ngrok
exposed secret


Go to Ngrok Link to signup and download the ngrok for your operating system

ngrok 5

Let's say for example you are working on a node app running on http://localhost:3000 and you want to expose/share your server to a colleague without using ipconfig.

šŸŽÆ Launch the ngrok

Then type the following command

ngrok http <your port number>
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In my case ngrok http 3000

You should get something like this

šŸŽÆ Copy the forwarding link highlighted in red and test on any browser. (Okay, the moment of truth, what did you get? šŸ˜)
ngrok 4

Password protect your tunnel

ngrok http -auth="username:password" 8080
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In my case, it will be
ngrok http -auth="drsimple:ngrokpassword" 3000
ngrok 6
Open the ngrok terminal and paste the above command.
copy the forwarding link and paste it into your browser.

This time you get:
ngrok 7

šŸŽÆ Lastly, let us look at how we can run ngrok in our command prompt in few steps
Copy the path where you downloaded ngrok

ngrok 8
šŸŽÆ Go to the environment variable
ngrok 9
Click on the path, Click Edit, New, and Paste the path copied earlier.
ngrok 11
Repeat the above step for the system variable.

šŸŽÆ Your command prompt should be able to run ngrok successfully.
ngrok 13

šŸ‘ØšŸ½ā€šŸ« For further customization check the recommended video and the ngrok docs.

I hope this was helpful. Thanks šŸ™ŒšŸ½ for reading.

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Reference Video by CyberRyker

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