failed domain authentication on emails from dev.to

dsanchezseco profile image dsanchezseco ・1 min read

it's possible I'm the only one that see the "this email has failed it's domain authentication requirements" kind of thing?

I'm using protonmail (and awesome alternative by the way) so I don't know if is a common thing for wider email servers like Gmail, outlook...



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Ah hmmmmmmmmmmm thanks for the heads up.


You're welcome. Later I'd thought maybe it would have been better to open an issue on GitHub...


Yeah, that helps us keep track of it more, but no worries we'll make one. Sorry, would've suggested it earlier but in a coding headspace right now. 🤓

I'll do it tomorrow ASAP 😁

EDIT: done! #143


I had the same issue when I signed in with ProtonMail...