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Want to Learn a New Framework? Start with this

Save it, learn it, write it — only in this order. Today I want to tell you about my work-learn process. Work and learn are coupled because in programming world to work good we need to learn good and learn a lot.

I can divide an article into the parts. How I store:


I am using Chrome and Firefox and in both of them, I have constantly opened bookmarks bar. On it I have only websites that I use now, that's because the bar is dynamic and updates frequently.

Besides, I don't love overfill bar and I've to save bookmarks without names, only with icons. Another proof of icons importance.

General principles of bookmarks location:

  • Social media and news websites
  • Tools
  • Materials for learning

Social media and news websites. My main social media is Twitter. Also, I use local popular VK, but not so often. Twitter I open 10+ times per day every day, that's because Twitter is on the bar, VK isn't.

News I getting from, Hackernews and Reddit. But I use them not so frequently, because of all useful content duplicates in Twitter by official accounts or by some users.

Tools. In front end dev world we need a lot of tools like color palette, online code formatters, admin panels, and documentation. But most of these instruments using only when starting a new project or when supporting it. I don't have these tools on the bookmarks bar.

I only have something like cloud storage, task and source manager.

As my task manager, I use Google Keep. It helps me and I used to manage all of my projects in it. I create a new board for every new project, add tasks and subtasks and sort them by emojis.

Material for learning. This is the most inconstant part of the bookmarks bar, because I add new material, that I learning now and remove old. More often it's courses, articles and — most important — documentation. It's important because it was written by authors of learning object and updates often.

For example: recently I've learned React and have official docs in my bookmarks bar and some additional links. After this, I decided to repeat OOP in JS and added one course and one article about OOP in ES6.

Despite the fact that my links in bookmarks are very shorted, I love minimalism and short their quantity.

So I need to store useful links and links, that I want to read later somewhere. For those purposes I use Telegram. Telegram as good in storing links as a messenger.

In Telegram, I have two private channels: Inbox and Links.

Inbox. In this channel, I store different materials that I want to read/learn soon. That list I update often and not so often check.

What about caching? Most of the websites now support Instant View — a Telegram technology, that allows to open articles from websites fast and change reading mode. This feature automatically caches all links even if I shared a link from the notebook and didn't open it on mobile.

Links. This channel updates rare and only by articles and videos, that I don't need soon. I can store here an article about something, that I want to learn in the future or link for use as an argument in the dispute.

How I learn

In the modern world of front end and programming, devs need to learn something every time and renew base of knowledge, that's because I learn something new and repeat something old.

In the last time, I have opened the new, although primitive way for remembering — write. I write documentation and parallelly in neighbor window writing it. Important! Writing by my own words, not copy, otherwise, it's just another documentation. Because I am not a native English speaker, learning docs in English and especially writing helps for improving English skills.

For every new material, I create a new folder for code examples with file for writing. All files I contain in Markdown and regularly backup.


My collection needs new links, send me to Twitter or to Telegram.

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Manindu Wijewickrama

I'm using Pocket to save and organize links (Pocket). Great post by the way.

dtroode profile image
David Kistauri

Thanks! I've tried Pocket and a lot of people use it, but a lot of my work-life time in Telegram and I find it useful. But thanks for recommendation

gilad profile image
Gilad Tsehori

I find it easy to use Trello to manage all my tasks, todos etc 😎

dtroode profile image
David Kistauri

Tried, but started to use Keep again

artfuture2001 profile image

What an idiot uses androidify for avatar(screenshot from telegram)?