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Thomas Kaul
Thomas Kaul

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500 Stars on GitHub

Ghostfolio, the web-based personal finance management software, is celebrating 500 stars on GitHub. This is a major milestone for this open source project and a good time for another recap.

Growing Community

The Ghostfolio community is growing on various platforms and has recently passed 100 members on Slack as well as 100 followers on Twitter. If you have not joined yet, this is a good time to make sure you do not miss out on any future updates.

Message Queue: Asynchronous Processing

Overall stability and robustness has increased significantly since the introduction of a message queue. The workers of this robust queue system process jobs, namely gathering historical market data, asynchronously in the background to not bother the main service.

Ready for Web 3.0

The recent integration of Internet Identity, a blockchain authentication system, makes Ghostfolio ready for Web3. This third iteration of the World Wide Web is the vision of a new and better Internet based on decentralized blockchains to give power back to the users. Internet Identity created by the Dfinity Foundation enables you to sign in securely and anonymously to Ghostfolio without an email address, username, or a password. All you need is your device with built-in biometric authentication.

Break-even Point

Despite the complicated economic situation at this time, the goal set at the beginning of the year to build a sustainable business and reach break-even with the SaaS offering (Ghostfolio Premium) has been achieved. We will continue to leverage the revenue to further improve the fully managed cloud offering for our paying customers. A new goal we have set for ourselves is to become profitable.


Besides all the positive accomplishments during the last months, there is still a lot of room for improvement. It would be great to onboard more contributors who are actively involved in software engineering to realize the full potential of open source software. If you are a web developer and interested in personal finance, please get in touch by email via or on Twitter @ghostfolio_. We are happy to discuss ideas.

We would like to say thank you for all your feedback and support since the beginning of this project.

Off to the next 500 stars!
Thomas from Ghostfolio

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