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Show DEV: K8s Slack bot for Helm installs

It feels so good to be coding again! I used to be a full time dev but I moved into Product Management 4 years ago and I've been yearning to get back coding ever since.

Given the lockdown caused by Coronavirus, I made the decision to spend some time learning Go and it has been a breath of fresh air. I'm also learning the internals of Kubernetes and the ecosystem around it.

In order to stay motivated, I decided to start an open source project called KubeWise.

It's a Kubernetes bot which sits in your cluster and listens for Helm installs and upgrades. When it finds one, it sends a message to a Slack channel so people on your team can follow along and understand what is running in the cluster and how it is being used.

In operation, it looks like this:
Demo of KubeWise working

It's super easy to install (thanks to Helm, which I've been learning all about this week).

Simply create a Slack bot, grab the API token, invite it into a channel, then pass the API token to Helm like this:

kubectl create namespace kubewise
helm repo add larder
helm install kubewise larder/kubewise --namespace kubewise --set slack.token="<api-token>" --set"#<channel>"

Amazingly, a few people have noticed this project already and one person even submitted some code. They even said this kind thing:

I can't believe something doesn't already exist that does exactly this. It's so obviously useful :)

I SWEAR I don't know this person at all!

Anyway, it feels like it's going well so far. If you use Helm, please try the project out. I'd be delighted to receive any feedback at all.

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