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Grepper, a better way to get help while coding?

So, I've been using Grepper for some time now.For those you aren't familiar with it Grepper is

The Query & Answer System for the Coder Community
Grepper is the ultimate RAM upgrade for the software developers brain. Easily snag code examples from around the web, then access your code examples without having to think.

Basically it is an extension for answers and solutions to problems we run into.You can search the problem and if you have grepper installed if there is an answer to that prob you will get the answer pop up first else you can solve it by some other sources and add it to grepper so in future if someone runs into a similar problem they can find your
answer.Grepper can be integrated with IDEs as well.


I use it everyday and it's quite useful and the community is helpful as well unlike S.O. which is not known for toxicity and it also saves a bit of time compared to reading docs and solutions scattered through different places.
What do you guys think about it based on the short summary?
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