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How I deal with imposter syndrome

Programmers at all stages of their careers deal with imposter syndrome. But that feeling of inadequacy is especially prevalent among aspiring and junior developers, who often question whether they deserve to work alongside senior developers on a project or team.
I personally am diagnosed with imposter syndrome.Whenever I see a personal project of a developer,I feel like my skills are garbage and then my brains strikes me to make something better and Yes I actually do build that.Putting that aside whenever I get an error I never got before and I try a possible fix and if it doesn't work it starts my imposter syndrome.
I mitigated it with a few ways.

  1. By joining communities: We are social beings.We learn better when learning together.Someone learns something and then incourages others to accquire it or similar.That community could be your coworkers, an online group, or something else.

2.Find mentors:
Equally important to having a community of peers is to find mentors.Anyone who knows more than you could be your mentor.Who you want to be your mentor will depend on your goals, but it’s essential to find those people.

I like surrounding myself with people who are infinitely better at something than myself in one way or another.It could be in terms of the experience they have in the industry. It could be the skill level itself. So, with people like that, it always gives perspective on what you know and what you don’t know.

3.Asking what I don't know[asking questions]:

NEVER be afraid to learn.The Earth is full of knowledge and knowledgeable people.When you cannot acknowledge something or curious just ask a question.I on the other hand am open minded and curious,I ask anything on my mind[after using logic no pun intended] and share ideas with people...Online .-.{I'm an introvert}.

Here are some extra tips:
1.Finish What You Started
2.Seek Constructive Criticism
3.Look at Job Postings to See What Skills You’re Missing
4.When Imposter Syndrome Strikes, Challenge Yourself to Get Better
5.Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

That's it.Shared some of my offtopic views and thoughts.
Thanks for reading

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