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Best Web and Mobile Development Stack

I want to develop the social network like app on web and mobile (android and ios).
Is django react postgres redis redux enough?
How can I make real time database using that? Should I go for firestore or I can use postgres as my real time database?

Please suggest the best stack for this.

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Radu-Alexandru B • Edited

First, I think your post should have had #discuss tag as this is not a mini-tutorial or an informational post, but rather a question for open discussion.

Second, Django with PostgreSQL is sufficient for this app idea, while React can be indeed used for front-end... Although from my little experience it is easier to make the front-end for Django with pure HTML, CSS and vanilla javascript (with Ajax.js for some real-time functionalities, like adding a comment and a like to a post without refreshing the page - as an asynchronous behavior).
I recommend Corey's Schafer 10hours Django Tutorial for a full-featured web app (with the most of functionalities required for a social network). You will learn so much from that and you will even have a big part of your app completed by the end of the tutorial.

Good luck!

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dum dum
  1. Sure,will add #discuss
  2. Nice! I'll watch the tutorial. Thanks!
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Have a look into ionic for the Frontend. You can use it with angular, react and vue (beta). Firestore should be good for real-time. Other thing maybe rxdb with a pouchdb server. Good luck with your project.