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Davide de Paolis
Davide de Paolis

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Where do you find CFPs (Call For Papers) and Conferences to speak at?

Recently this post caught my attention and made me want to apply for public speaking again.


Besides workshops and presentation at work ( and a Scratch coding workshop I gave at my kid's school) I never gave a speech at a Tech Conference, and in 2019 I decided that ( or at least starting with some Tech Meetups here in Hamburg) would have been my next year's resolution.
This is why I actually join Toastmasters International, to practice public speaking.
Then the pandemic stroke, I got more involved in leading a team (Toastmasters, helped me in that a lot too!) and somehow "Speaking at conferences" went a bit down in my TODO list.

When I read that CDKDay was next month, was online, and there was also the possibility of prerecord the speech, I decided to give it a go.


Being rejected burns a bit, but it's normal - especially with online confs, the amount of submissions must be very high - and I think unless you are already a popular, established speaker, rejections are part of the process.

My question now is, since this opportunity really lit the fire and my desire again:

where do you find Tech Conferences where to speak at?

Do you know any online resource where you can find CFP / Call For papers deadlines?

I know that I can search the web for conferences I like, and then submit for the next year, but especially now with hybrid conferences I'd really like to find a list where I can apply in a 6 months timeline.

Do you know any?
More specifically I am interested in AWS / Serverless / NodeJs / Tech Leadership confs.

Please help me achieve another important milestone in my career.

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Juan Cruz Lapadula Plá • Edited

We recently launched, a platform for tech speakers with a CFP listing. Besides that, speakers with a subscription get notified when a CFP for them is published.
Come take a look!

Btw, feedback is pretty much appriciated. DM us what you think @speakerhouseio

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Sandor Dargo

I'm subscribed to these:

And I'm checking the ISO C++ page for C++ conferences.

And indeed, there are tons of rejections, it's part of the game!

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Davide de Paolis

Thanks Sandor!
I knew CFP Land and i checked it before writing this post but the website seemed a bit outdated. Will try subscribing anyway, as to all other resources you shared. Thank you!

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Andy Haskell

I started the hashtag on Twitter #TheMicIsOpen as an offshoot of #TechIsHiring to help events find speakers, and speakers find events. If you're a speaker who's got a tach idea or an event organizer with an open CFP, tweet to #TheMicIsOpen!

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🚀 DevTernity – Are you in❓


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Makita Tunsill

Journals specific to the industry or topic is what I use and if they have a website or blog, I'll pop in and have a peek. Thanks for sharing all these other great ideas guys!