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Day 2 : Action

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty action packed first day! Had a morning meeting with my manager (morning for me, afternoon for him) to help with my on-boarding. Of course my internet decides to cut out on me in the beginning of it. (Things could only go up from here, right? haha) Got signed up and logged into a bunch of different services. Hopped into the team Slack and everyone was super welcoming. My task for the day was to review 2 tutorials for an upcoming product. Some pretty cool stuff. Got one finished and sent my notes to my manager so I could get some feedback. He wrote back "This is amazing!" so that was cool. haha Also got an email being recognized for my contributions today. Spent the rest of the day finishing up reviewing the other tutorial and other on-boarding tasks.
  • Personal : After work, I hopped into working on my personal site ( I switched it over to not pull from my Medium blog but this feed. Since it's new, I guess my feed's endpoint wasn't ready yet, so I had to use a stand-in to set things up in my code. When it was ready, I just had to switch the username and everything worked. I'll have to rework some styling since the format is different from Medium. Cool. Also finally got my applications approved by Meetup so I can now use their new API to get the upcoming events section of the site working again. The problem is that I have to be on the Pro plan to have access to the endpoints I need. There's a month trial so we'll see how it goes. My site is now fully functional again. Going to do some clean up and refactoring to speed it up. There's something I've been wanting to try so this will be interesting.

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Yesterday was a whirlwind! Looking forward to seeing what's in store for me today. Still need to get used to all the different sites/services I signed up to. There's more on-boarding to do. So we'll see what I get into.

After work, I want to start the refactoring of my site to hopefully have it load faster and clean up the code I did yesterday to get the upcoming events working and integrating my feed.

Think that's it for now. Going to get ready to start work.

Have a great day!

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