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Day 423 : I see it coming

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Not a bad day today. Had a meeting with my manager's manager. haha Really nice guy. Asked if I need anything. Told him I'm pretty low maintenance, haha. I did tell him that when we all meet again for our team outing, I'd like to go to Japan. We'll see. So then I worked on my blog post for the day. Just need to add some screenshots and some code snippets. The text is pretty much done.

  • Personal : Last night, I finished watching "Fire Force". I also went through some tracks for this week's radio show. I verified that the fix I made for the Twitter link hashtag bug worked, so we should be good to go next Sunday.

Looking out into the ocean from a lagoon in Phuket, Thailand with green water surrounded by mountains and a large stone mass sticking up out of the water.

Going to find a new anime series to watch. Maybe I'll catch up on "Baruto" because I have not watched that in a while. I want to go through some tracks. Maybe look up some articles and stories for the shows. I may even start a new experiment I've been thinking about since everything with is at a point where it's working good enough for now. I can see it coming in the future where I may need to add more functionality, but till then, I want to work on other projects.

Have a great night!

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