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Day 554 : Guess Who's Back?

liner notes:

  • Professional : Guess who's back? Today I took it pretty slow. I got home from the airport at like 2am and had a bunch of meetings. Worked on a couple of light things to take it easy like fill out event forms and some documents for upcoming stuff. I need to submit my expenses as well.

  • Personal : So, I just came back from like a 2 and a half week tour of Europe. I got to visit London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. It was for work. I did a bunch of workshops, talks, interviews and a meetup. It was a pretty hectic schedule, but I was able to get it all done and with some really good feedback. I was able to chronicle the trip with photos and videos on mt recently revamped site or The site performed very well. There's a couple features that I think will be pretty handy that I could only have thought of by actually using it. Those things are bulk uploading and being able to read the metadata from photos. Going to investigate and see what it takes to make it work.

View of a snow-topped mountain range in the distance in Almaty, Kazakhstan with a lake and some trees in the foreground

One thing that I liked doing was to record retrospective videos. Basically going over what happened during the day. Sometimes I wasn't able to do it at the end of day, so I combined multiple days into one video. I took notes so that I wouldn't forget any points and to keep my rambling to a minimum. Once I got a template down, I was able to knock out the videos pretty quickly. Will definitely do more as I travel. Probably catch up to Atlanta and go to bed early tonight.

Have a great night!

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