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Denys Séguret
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Edit your file hierarchy with Broot 0.7

I've just released the new version of Broot.

The previous versions focused on viewing and navigating the file hierarchy but I noticed, just like a few other testers, that it could be very convenient to also edit it.

When you create, move, delete, copy your files or directories, you usually do it in the blind, meaning you do some ls (or br) before, and maybe some after.

With the new version of broot you see the file hierarchy when you type your command, and it's immediately updated. The tree view went from read-only to read-write.


Standard file commands are built in, you don't need to add them, but the verb configuration syntax allows you to define your own commands the same way and you get to preview the expanded command before it's executed.

There are already a lot of features I can build upon this, and that I plan to do, but the more testers, ideas, stories I get, the happier I'll be!

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A new way to see and navigate directory trees :


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A better way to navigate directories

Table of Contents


Full installation documentation can be found here.

Feature Showcase

Get an overview of a directory, even a big one


Notice the unlisted?

That's what makes it usable where the old tree command would produce pages of output.

.gitignore files are properly dealt with to put unwanted files out of your way (you can ignore them though, see documentation).

Find a directory then cd to it


This way, you can navigate to a directory with the minimum amount of keystrokes, even if…

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Denys Séguret

Side note: A few days ago I started looking for a simple solution for broot's site, one I could use in about one hour without reading dozens of page of documentation.

Most tools I found aren't focused on documentation enough and their wide abilities means there's too much to do when you want a simple documentation site.

I found that mkdocs is great for this, a good mix of readiness and customability. I'd gladly hear about your experience and alternatives on this topic.