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JavaScript Chapter 1 - Understanding and Introduction of JavaScript

  • In this tutorial, I will explain about the basics of JavaScript.


JavaScript is a programming language that is useful for making interactions on websites. So that the website looks more alive. For example, create effects on the website. JavaScript has become one of the mandatory programming languages ​​and must be mastered to create a modern website. JavaScript is a requirement and programming language that must be mastered. Especially for those of you who will specialize in the web design section. The several programming languages ​​that a web developer must master are:

  • HTML: In building a website, HTML acts as a form creation.
  • CSS: In building a website, CSS has a role as a benthic design, color, writing and so on.
  • JavaScript: In building a website, JavaScript is useful for creating features and effects that make website pages more interactive.


In today's developing world of websites, javascript is a programming language that is needed. Many websites use javascript to create dialog modal, form validation, games, ajax calculation operations and so on. So we must master this javascript so that the website we create is more alive
Examples of websites that use javascript to make their website more interactive are Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. One of the uses of javascript on Facebook is that Facebook has a chat box feature that we can close and open. The chat form can be opened and closed because it uses javascript assistance. Then if you buy a plane ticket through the airline ticket provider website. after you select the current city and select the destination city, the airline will appear without reloading the page. Those are some examples of using Javascript

Purpose and Objectives

Javascript is a programming language that must be mastered by web developers because javascript has features that are not shared by other programming languages. So those of us who want to become web developers are obliged to learn this javascript so that the website we create will have a lively or interactive impression.
WHAT CAN JAVASCRIPT DO? To further emphasize understanding of javascript, the following will explain what javascript can do :

  • Javascript dapat mengganti atribut HTML
  • Javascript dapat mengganti style CSS
  • Javascript dapat membuat form validasi
  • Javascript dapat membuat sebuah game sederhana
  • Javascript memiliki fitur animasi yang lebih lengkap dan bagus daripada bahasa pemrograman lainya

And there is much more that javascript can do which we will discuss in this Javascript Tutorial topic.


With this javascript, we can make our website look more lively or interactive. Even though the javascript language is a bit difficult to understand, this programming language has a big role to play in making an interactive website but in my opinion it is not obligatory to add this programming language to your website, but to make it more interactive I suggest adding this programming language.

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