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Did you hear the hype?

Github launched a new feature a couple of days ago and many developers has been talking about it - it is the Github Profile Readme.

Why I love this feature?

  1. It gives you more room to talk about yourself.
  2. It is like a cover letter to prospective employers or partners.
  3. It is feature-rich as it leverage the regular markdown.
  4. It is so easy to add this feature to your profile.
  5. It makes Github look more appealing with the social network look.

How to add this feature?

Like I already pointed out, it is as easy as your favorite dish. I will be adding mine in the curse of this tutorial, so all you need do is follow me as I show you step by step how to do this.

  • Create a Github account here if you have not done so already.

  • Login into you profile. (This takes you to your dashboard)

  • Click on the plus sign (+) at the top-right in the menu bar

  • Click on the New repository link

Alt Text

You Should now be in a page to create a new repository

  • In the Repository name, enter your username. Mine is EBEREGIT as you must have noticed in the first image.

(It has to be your username for it to appear in your profile).

  • Check the Initialize this repository with a README box

  • Click Create Repository button

Alt Text

You should now be redirected to your special repo like mine here

Alt Text

I checked my profile and this is what I found:

Alt Text

Wow!!! It works like magic!!! YAAAAAAY... WE DID IT!!!

Now I want you to brand your profile readme in a way that suit you.

This markdown cheat sheet can help you especially if you are new to markdown

Final Code

## Hi there πŸ‘‹ You are welcome to my Github Corner

I am a result-oriented Sofware engineer, Technical writer and Mentor to the next generation. 

Just don't say I didn't tell you about my hobby - BODY BUILDING :muscle:

  <dt>My Vision </dt>
  <dd>Leaving everything digitalized</dd>

  <dt>My Mission</dt>
  <dd>Building solution to real life problems</dd>

## My Repos
| Side Projects | Tutorial      | Private |
| ------------- |:-------------:| -----:|
| [COVID 19](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/covid-19) | [Server Tutorial](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/server-tutorial) | [Okpa Bot](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/okpa-bot) |
| [Geo Search](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/Geo-Search) | [Algorithms](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/Algorithms) |  |
| [Team Work](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/team-work-front-end) | [JS-AOS-Tutorial](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/JS-AOS-Tutorial) |  |
| [Team Work API](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/team-work-APIs) | [JS-Bot-Tutorial ](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/js-bot-tutorial) | |
| [Memory Game](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/memory-game-udacity) | [Box Model](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/box-model-tutorial) | |
| [Frogger](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/Classic-Arcade-Game)| [Styling SVG Images](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/styling-svg-images) | |
| [Recipe APP Backend](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/Recipe-App-Backend)| [React AOS Tutorial](https://github.com/EBEREGIT/React-AOS-Tutorial) | |

## Skills
:bowtie: HTML
:smile: CSS
:satisfied: JAVASCRIPT
:laughing: REACT
:blush: Technical Writing
:smiley: Git
:relaxed: NODEJS

### Let's Connect :sunglasses:

My Profile

Alt Text


What you make out of this feature is up to you. I encourage you to make the best from it because in no time, this feature might be the basis for certain job interview process.

Check out my profile here

Dont’t forget to start my profile β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—πŸ˜Š

Check out my Repo:

I will like to visit your profiles. please drop the link in the comment section.

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