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Ssewannonda Keith Edwin
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A swiss knife for a developer

According to Macmillan dictionary, A swiss knife means

a method or system that deals with situations of all types.

For a typical developer during times of prototyping where a demo is required and you want to get placeholders whether in either a front-end or back-end setting, you need a few types on the go to so that you concentrate on the business need than extras that will articulate your designs. However, most online tools offer one solution like formatting a json object, getting a GUID (UUID v4) and so on.

IT tools tech is that swiss knife for a developer. It is a responsive application made with VueJS that enables a developer reduce time either scraping the web or installing a flurry of CLI tools to get quick sample types needed for a prototype showcase.


Sidebar for handy tools
It has well categorized sidebar making finding what you find easily. As of version 2.5.1, these are the categories;

  • Crypto

  • Converter

  • Web

  • Development

  • Math

  • Text

Search bar

Search bar
This auto complete which offers simple and flexible type-ahead functionality leading to dynamic search of the tools in the IT Tools.


Main grid

This features a responsive card grid of the available tools on the site with brief descriptions of what they do. This makes it easier in accessing the tools. They have both light and dark themes to make it comfortable for the eyes at the the different time of the day.


Dealing with tokens, Date-time IT Tools a super App for developers.
Do not forget to try it out leave a GitHub star or sponsor the creators for the awesome and handy tool they envisioned.

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