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Sahil Edward Thapa
Sahil Edward Thapa

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Age of artificial intelligence

how will an AI driven vehicle react if a little child accidentally comes in front of it while the vehicle is running to reach its destination?

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Jochem Stoel

An 'AI driven vehicle' as you put it is designed to avoid any obstacles that come in its path while remaining/keeping its current direction and speed to the best of its ability. It doesn't matter if this obstacle is a child, tree, dog or space alien. It will calculate the adjustment needed in speed and direction to prevent harm to itself and whatever it is carrying, avoid contact with the thing on its path and if a collision is inevitable fall back on calculating how the collision can have the smallest impact.

Computer driven systems always drive an optimal route and speed. There is no such thing and never will be such a thing as a AI driven vehicle running or hurrying to be on time.

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Kasey Speakman

Depends on the AI. You might grade the AI by first examining how a human would react? Once the human driver noticed, they would obviously slam on the brakes and perhaps swerve. The average human reaction time is 2.3 seconds. The computer is capable of slamming the brakes too, and I'm sure can do a lot better than 2.3 seconds response time. The key trouble for AI is "noticing". I can't imagine a responsible car maker including AI which is blind to pedestrians. The worst case then is if the AI has common cases where it is impaired from noticing them, like inclement weather, extreme temperatures, or just implementation bugs. That's why extended, deep testing of any driving AI is vital for safety.