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Why we are teaching students to code for free

Educative has partnered with GitHub Education to be part of their Student Developer Pack!

If you are a student, you can sign up with GitHub and receive 6 months of free access to 60+ intro and advanced developer courses on Educative. These courses cover in-demand topics like Web Development, Python, Machine Learning, Kubernetes, and more. Students of all levels can learn at no cost on our educational platform. And with many other amazing programs offered in GitHub’s Student Developer Pack, you’ll be able to excel, build confidence, and get started on any project you put your mind to.

Not a student? We have something for you too! We’re proud to announce that we have made our Learn From Scratch courses completely free for everyone. We want to encourage beginners around the world, from all backgrounds and countries to start learning today. We know that it’s hard to be a beginner, so we’re making it easy for you to take the first step. Get started with a new programming language today to take charge of your future and career.

There’s something here for everyone, from our affordable interview prep courses to our free beginner courses. We’re proud to be empowering the diverse needs of developers and students across the globe.

Check out the GitHub offer here

Why this matters

We care about education. We want learners of all levels to get access to the tools they need to excel, and we are certain online education is the best way to do that.

It’s no secret that the institution of higher education prevents thousands of learners from pursuing their interests and accessing the guidance they need to succeed. Luckily, online learning platforms continue to break down those barriers. Dedicated learners are becoming coding masters and taking charge of their education. The Internet is revolutionizing the way people acquire new skills. From open-access journals to affordable digital courses, such platforms empower people of all backgrounds to learn new things, to teach others, to prepare for jobs, and to level up their game.

The tech industry and online education are inseparable. Here's why.

1. Nearly 60% of developers are using online courses to supplement their learning

Programmers from around the world have uniquely benefited from democratized education. Software and web development have been rooted in online accessibility and community-based learning from the very beginning. In fact, according to a 2019 study by StackOverflow, roughly 60% of developers make use of online courses to learn a new language, framework, or tool. As talented developers are becoming less dependent on expensive CS degrees, online learning platforms and bootcamps are increasingly crucial sources of learning and training.

2. Online education will help you land a job.

Even if a developer has a degree in CS, they by no means know everything about the field. Developers with a formal education will have a strong understanding of CS theory and mathematics, but it can be hard to translate those skills into what the industry demands (i.e. frameworks, web technologies, etc.). For example, React is one of the most demanded skills today, yet some schools are still teaching Pascal.

Online courses and open-access platforms help to fill knowledge gaps required for job applications and successful careers. Online courses are becoming increasingly venerated and recognized by employers, which means that job applicants can show off their value by adding completed courses to their resumes.

3. Online education helps fill a supply gap in the tech industry.

The supply gap of the tech field is larger than most industries. This means that there is a crucial need for talented developers but a global shortage of people who actually know how to code. Online learning platforms bridge this gap by making education easier to access. People from all around the world can step up and start learning without spending four years at an expensive university. Even seasoned developers can keep learning increasingly in-demand issues like data analytics, cloud computing, and cybersecurity that may have been missed in their education. All in all, online learning platforms and accessible education help to reach a global need for these skills.

4. Online education solves diverse problems.

Software development and computer science are tackling some of the world’s biggest problems and crises. This means it is crucial for people of diverse backgrounds and identities to be involved, otherwise we miss out on other perspectives and fail to address serious issues around the world. Thanks to open-source platforms and online courses, developers are able to connect with thinkers from all around the world.

5. Careers in computer science open doors.

Individuals who are limited by socioeconomic or educational systems find empowering careers in web and software development. Democratized, online education is crucial to diversifying the industry by providing access to those historically overlooked. On top of that, online courses complement other industries. People in fields like health care, journalism, non-profit, and entertainment have critical needs for coding skills. Coding skills are no longer reserved for the few techies. Online, accessible education empowers people of diverse industries to solve their problems and get connected with the global community of developers.

Education matters and we are taking it seriously at Educative by providing accessible courses for all kinds of learners. Our courses are tailored to a variety of educational needs, from beginners, to career seekers, to seasoned developers. And by partnering with GitHub Education, we hope to reach the needs of students around the globe by empowering them to learn without any extra cost.

Let’s get to learning!

Start learning a new programming language today for free, and check out our courses.

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