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Ruby Style Guide 💻💎

What is Ruby Style Guide?

Ruby is the main language at Shopify. We are primarily a Ruby shop and we are probably one of the largest out there. Ruby is the go-to language for new web projects and scripting.

This Style Guide is the result of over a decade of Ruby development at Shopify. Much of its content is based on Bozhidar Batsov's Ruby Style Guide, adapted to Shopify by many contributors.

Installing Rubocop to Your Project

$ gem install rubocop

Now let’s create a program that can be linted better

name = "Karthik"
puts "Hello #{name}"
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Now we save it and run Rubocop on it as shown:

$ rubocop rubocop_example.rb

rubocop spits out some errors as shown

Inspecting 1 file


rubocop_example.rb:1:1: C: [Correctable] Style/FrozenStringLiteralComment: Missing frozen string literal comment.
name = "Karthik"
rubocop_example.rb:1:8: C: [Correctable] Style/StringLiterals: Prefer single-quoted strings when you don't need string interpolation or special symbols.
name = "Karthik"

1 file inspected, 2 offenses detected, 2 offenses auto-correctable
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- Create a .yml file in the root and paste this:

  NewCops: enable
    - 'db/migrate/*.rb'
    - 'config/**/*.rb'
    - 'bin/*'
    - 'spec/rails_helper.rb'
    - 'lib/**/*.rb' #it should be fixed later
    - 'spec/lib/**/*.rb' #it should be fixed later
    - 'spec/requests/**/*.rb' #it should be fixed later
    - 'Rakefile'
    - '**/*.rake'
    - 'spec/**/*.rb'
    - 'app/admin/**/*.rb'
    - 'db/**/*.rb'
    - 'db/migrate/*.rb'
    - 'config/*.rb'
    - 'app/models/**/*.rb'
    - 'app/models/ability.rb'
    - 'app/models/application_record.rb'
    - 'app/models/concerns/**'
    - 'app/models/filter_client.rb'
    - 'app/models/filter_warehouse.rb'
  Max: 12
  Max: 1000

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That's all; Rubocop is now ready to work on your project! 🥳 🎉

Thank you for reading!📒

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