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Summer is blazing let's Howl

Scantily covered CLIs are upon us. I have been hinting at Howl, a new way to C# and .dotnet.

With 100 days of code upon us I thought hey it'd be a shame if devs can't pick this up and try it out.

If all goes fine? pre-👀 ⬆️ today 🔥.

What is Howl?

Howl is a symbolic notation engine. Now used with C# to write beautiful code:

‒̥ ㄹ ⨕ % (ㄹ x, Map y) → Rev(x, y.nits);

‒̥ ᆩ[] ⨕ !(Map m) → (‖ x ∈ m.rules ¿ !x ፥ x.a[0])৴;
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Two lines here above define operator overloads; now this 〜 (‖ x ∈ m.rules ¿ !x ፥ x.a[0])৴ is a Linq expression (yes, ◺ and ◿ are a thing).

The whimsy ৴ is synonymous with .ToArray()

Howl does not require a special keyboard. An advanced HCI (think mind-reading) handles all of this gracefully (and syntax highlighting too) via snippets. Bonus you can learn the notation as you type good ol' C# code.

Nor do you have to adopt each and every notation. Similar to ice cream, you might leave some 🍨.

Scanty coverage or not (actually slightly over 0.97%), Howl has been a hard month in the works with some of the ideas going... over 20 years, maybe?

CLI itself very, very fresh. If you are looking for a fun challenge this summer, I'll share a build today... probably.

+ howl
(•ᴗ•)ノ Howl CLI v0.0 〜 Usage:
howl run                    - Build and run
howl export SRC_DIR DST_DIR - Export Howl scripts to C#
howl import SRC_DIR DST_DIR - Convert C# scripts to Howl
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