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Golang Web - Form Upload File

In this chapter we learn how to handle upload file through Form. In some parts how like a before chapter but we just to add process to handling file uploader. This files save to the certain path / folder.

A simple program have to 1 form and 2 inputs, alias, and then files. The data files later on save to folder files. with appropriate names except when user add inputs alias and then this name will used to as file name saved.


Create file view.html this file template will bring up as Landing Page.

Alt Text

Consider in

tag we should to add atribut (enctype="multipart/form-data") so that http.Request support Upload File.


In layer Back-End available enough to much package should import, like a os, io, path/filepath, etc. This packages we needed to handling file upload.

In function main() create 2 route handler, first for landing page, and the other for we using when finished upload process.

Alt Text

The handler route / process to show landing page (view.html) method to permitted in this route access just a GET.

Alt Text

Next, prepare to handler for route /process is function routeSubmitPost. Used the statement r.ParseMultipartForm(1024) for parsing form data to send.

Alt Text

Still in function routeSubmitPost(), add code to get data alias and file.

Alt Text

Next, add the code for create new files.

Alt Text


Run program, and then see the result.

Alt Text

Finally! Hope your enjoy it.

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