πŸ†“ Configuration based reactive Angular Forms with ngx-formly

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Juri Strumpflohner released this excellent 78 minute collection of 20 (free)lessons covering ngx-formly to create robust manageable forms in Angular.

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Angular is particularly popular at large enterprises. Most of the time those line of business apps are very data-driven and forms heavy. While Angular gives us two different approaches to implementing forms, neither of them is very satisfying, nor do they help keep the maintainability high especially in large enterprise apps.

In this course we're going to learn about ngx-formly, a library that helps cope with some of the mentioned issues. With Formly you define the form structure once in your component code and the HTML will be taken care of by the library. This helps reduce maintainability and moreover Formly has some nice reactive features built-in that help you reduce your form code even more.

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