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What do you prefer, Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad?

Hi fellows, I'd like to know your thoughts about which of these peripherals are more productive while ergonomic. I've been using the keyboard and trackpad directly on my Macbook.

But now I got the keyboard and mouse which I think is great but I don't really feel that comfortable with the mouse like I was with the trackpad.

So, what you think? Are you team #MagicMouse or #MagicTrackpad?

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Joe Steinbring

I’ve used a Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse for nearly 5yrs now (always on a MBP). I used to get a lot of pain, using a trackpad. The arch of my hand while using it (it’s like the size and shape of a tennis ball) helps a lot. I don’t think that I could ever go back to anything else.

(I know that it’s neither option that you were asking about but ergonomics really matter in this business)

eichgi profile image

Thanks for your suggestion. That's one concern I have regarding the usage of a trackpack. Maybe for some people a mouse might be a better fit.

latobibor profile image
András Tóth

Neither of them since none of them are ergonomic. Your hand will suffer from it on the long run.
I can't use the trackpad for long because the top of my hand will start hurting.

What worked best is these huge gaming mice where you can rest your entire palm on them, so when you don't push it, your arm and your palm just rests entirely.

nickseagull profile image
Nick Tchayka

I've used regular mice, gaming mice, Microsoft Sculpt, magic trackpad, etc.

Ended up setting on a Logitech M570 Trackball, which I even use for gaming (even on games where you move your mouse a lot, like Quake). The first week is difficult to get used to, but after that, I wouldn't switch to anything else.

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Thomas Reggi • Edited

I was asking this question myself recently and I ended up buying a trackpad, and I had an old logitech mouse, the combination is working out great, but I found over the past week I'm not using the trackpad as much as I expected, but at least it's there when I do need it.


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I'm using the Magic Mouse and am a huge fan of it. I just love that it combines the feeling of a "real" mouse with the ability to use gestures like you're using a trackpad. :)

eichgi profile image

Kind of miss the real click, good point.

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Clifton Long Jr.

Magic Mouse user here, and I gotta say it's hard going to any other mouse. The weight, feel, battery life, and smooth gestures are just so great. Can't say I've tried the trackpad, sadly.

margo_hdb profile image
Margo McCabe

This is a hard one - I switch off between the bluetooth mouse and trackpad on my laptop, but definitely prefer the mouse when using a big monitor

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Nick Taylor

I've been using the Magic Trackpad for a couple of years now, and couldn't go back. I find it more natural and my hand/wrist doesn't ache as it does from daily mouse use.

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Alfonso E. Rangel

There are people that use both of them, in a way that you increase your productivity.