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A More Modern Youtube Interface

**The YouTube interface always seemed a bit clunky to me. **So I set out to try and redesign the video widget in a more dynamic way. Also just for fun tried to keep JS to a minimum.

Things I was experimenting with in this pen:

  1. Scaling using em.
  2. Flexbox inside a button.
  3. Video with rounded corners.

Overall I think as a user I would enjoy the immediate response of the UI and the dynamic scaling - the only possible downside I still haven't solved is the other widgets in the row moving aside.

*What do you think?

P.S. anyone have a creative solution for one directional transition delays in CSS?

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lnquy065 profile image
Quy Luong

the animation is great. I think horizontal scaling will make the user feel uncomfortable with continuous use. If someone is hovered and scaling, the rest also moving, users will lose focus on main card. That's just my subjective opinion.

eitanwaxman profile image

I tend to agree with you, I just couldn't figure out how to scale it without moving the adjacent widgets. The ideal situation would be for it to scale in place and overlay the other widgets.

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