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Ekim Cem Ülger
Ekim Cem Ülger

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When do you use which one?

Hey Front-end web developers, I have a question for you !

Nowadays there are multiple choices between CSS frameworks and Component libraries.

The question is simple, how you decide which technologies you are selecting. ( Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, ChakraUI, Storybook etc...)

Let's discuss it on comments. The points you should mention:

  • Size of project
  • Technology requirements for project
  • Time-efficiency curve
  • Knowledge
  • Your rating
  • Number of people involved

Maybe we can generate a equation to select the most-suitable technology for our future projects

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Ekim Cem Ülger

Let me start:

If its only a landing page or 2-3 pages design, I definetly use TailwindCSS.
Some of you may think that we can create and manage components with tailwind but wait, have you ever used storybook?

If the project is large and you are repeating components a lot, go for storybook ( dont forget to hire a VERY GOOD designer ) you will need a design system.

You don't have time for design but need to show a demo, use Bootstrap and MaterialUI.