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Fix: MacOS Catalina and CommandLineTools Issue

Recently, I have upgraded mac to 10.15.1 and I got a weird issue with node-gyp while working on my node project. It started failing when I was doing npm install. The issue reported was regarding the xcode-select CLT. We usually avoid installing full xcode and install the CLT (Command Line Tools) using xcode-select --install command.

Tried to run the command again but it did not work as CLT was already installed.

I did struggle for sometime to fix the issue. Finally, I found the solution and this is what I did.

  • Navigated to the folder /Library/Developer/ using terminal.
  • Removed the folder named CommandLineTools. Use sudo if needed.
  • Ran the command xcode-select --install which prompts for installing the command line toos. Once done, everything is back to normal for my node project.

Putting it here serves two purpose. One, It may help someone else and so won't hamper the productivity. Two, If there is another way to solve this issue, we can share it here through comment to let others know.

Have you faced this issue? If so, how you fixed it? Tell your experience and solution in comment section below.

Happy Learning!

Image credit: Unsplash - @maxcodes

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