What should I learn next?

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Hello to all__.

Thanks to dev.to for providing such a nice platform and to the great community that we have.

From past 3 years, i am working on React. Recently I wrote some of articles too.

This one is more about the help I want from our community friends, that what should i pick next to learn except React? What are the suggestions, options i have?

Please help/guide me with this.

Thank you in advance.

Happy learning!

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Works on all programming langs, faster than all ORM, PostgreSQL recommended.
Works on tons of places, almost everything has C API, fast, future proof.
But without a framework, probably you already know it, but is useful.

I can recommend to learn Nim lang, because it compiles to JavaScript, NodeJS, C, C++, but thats a very opinionated one, with those 3 of top you are on good track ;P


Thank you for such nice suggestions. I just started with PostgreSQL.
Will definitely look into others.
Thank you once again.


Are you constrained to front end only? If not, my advice is to see something totally different.

It can help you think out of your comfort zone, let you be aware of the tech realm, evade yourself...


I am not constraining to front end...i have started with backend using node...thank you for your suggestion. It is valuable.

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