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Announcing the Official Release of Appwrite Deno SDK

We are extremely excited to announce the official release of the Appwrite Deno SDK beta version. The new SDK joins our Node, PHP, Ruby, and Pythons server-side SDKs that allow you to extend your Appwrite functionality from your backend.

What is Deno?

If you're new to Deno, you should know that Deno is a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript based on the V8 JavaScript engine and the Rust programming language. It was created by Ryan Dahl (the original creator of Node), and its main focus is on productivity. Unlike most coding languages, Deno explicitly takes on the role of both runtime and package manager within a single executable. When using Deno, you don't have to install packages or dependencies. You have to declare them in your script, and Deno will resolve them in your script runtime.

What is Appwrite?

Appwrite is a 100% open-source backend as a service packaged as a set of scalable and easy to deploy Docker containers. Appwrite provides you with a set of easy to use, must-have API, and tools to allow you to build your new projects a lot faster. We have lots of pre-built security features like file-encryption, auto-generated SSL, rate-limiting, and many more.

Get Started

The new Appwrite Deno SDK is written in Typescript and allows you to directly integrate with your Appwrite services and APIs from your Deno backend.
Getting started with the new SDK is extremely easy; all you need to do is import the latest SDK version from your code, set your Appwrite credentials, and start making API calls. Below is a simple example:

import * as sdk from "";

let client = new sdk.Client();
let users = new sdk.Users(client);

    .setEndpoint('https://[HOSTNAME_OR_IP]/v1') // Your API Endpoint
    .setProject('5df5acd0d48c2') // Your project ID
    .setKey('919c2d18fb5d4...a2ae413da83346ad2') // Your secret API key

let promise = users.create('', 'password');

promise.then(function (response) {
}, function (error) {
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Docs and Examples

To learn more about how to use the new Deno SDK, you can visit the official Appwrite documentation. We have also released a new dedicated Deno Playground repository with useful code examples that can help you get a good look and feel for how you can use the new SDK for Appwrite.

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This is an excellent opportunity to thank Appwrite community members, Ali Almoullim and Punit Diwan, for helping to build and test the new Deno SDK for Appwrite. Without their fantastic support, this release was not possible.

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