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My coding journey so far

This blog post is a long time coming and I’m excited to be writing it. If even just one person reads it, I will be a happy bunny.

Since May 2020, I have been learning how to code. It started as something to fill in the time whilst furloughed but soon I realised that it’s something I want to learn more about.

In June, I decided to quit my job, for various reasons, one being that I live with my Mum who is over 70. I also realised I wanted to learn more about coding, I was excited to see where this path would take me.

In July, after around two months of studying on my own, I decided to do a workshop. I remember saying to my friend and mentor, but I’m not ready, what if I fail? He told me that I will never be ready and he offered to pay for the course if I failed. I told him that failing wasn’t an option for me but he reminded me that it may happen and it’s ok to fail. I signed up for the SheCodes three week workshop, before I lost my nerve.

What an amazing three weeks it was. I was glued to my screens. I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved how creative coding was and I loved being able to see the results immediately on the screen. I also made amazing connections from all over the world. Quite soon into the workshop, I realised I wanted to do SheCodes Plus. I scheduled a call with the amazing Matt Delac, CEO of SheCodes. We had a great chat about tech and about my future in this field. Before I hung up, I’d decided to do SheCodes Plus React.

In October, I started SheCodes Plus. I had heard from fellow SheCoders that it was challenging but I didn’t realise just how challenging, I personally would find it. I learnt so much during the workshop. I learnt that it’s ok to ask for help, so many people helped me along the way, both staff and both people outside of the workshop. I learnt that I can do anything I put my mind to. When I look at the weather app I built, albeit a simple one, I’m so proud. I learnt that I can reinvent myself as many times as I want. Coding isn’t something I’ve wanted to do since day one, it’s something that I’ve realised is good for me and helps me have a creative outlet. I’ve learnt that it’s ok to step away from my code. It’s ok to take a break, have a nap, get an early night. I’ve learnt that my coding brain(I’ve named him Conrad), will let me know when he’s got the answer. You know, that feeling of waking up at 3am, thinking : “I’ve got the answer, to the glitch in my code, I want to code now”. You may not know this feeling but for me this is what happens.

After 9 ish weeks (I kindly got two extensions from the amazing SheCodes team) I finished my SheCodes Plus. Were there some tears? Just a few. Did I doubt that I could ever finish this workshop? Yes, just a tad. But I did it and I’m still learning. I’ve not and I won’t give up.

From this week, I’ve decided to revise everything I’ve learnt so far, as I will be starting SheCodes React on the 31st of May. The plan is, to go through, everything I’ve learnt on SheCodes and SheCodes Plus. That’s 11 weeks of material, of building things and reminding myself just how much I’ve learnt. I’m extremely excited. I plan on writing more blog posts, to document my progress and as a reminder that success takes time.

It’s easy, at least for me, to compare myself to others, to their progress, how quickly they seem to be learning and how slowly I am at learning. But I’m reminding myself, that it’s ok to take my time. As long as I keep moving forward, stay focused, positive and work hard, I will reach my goal of a job in tech.

Wherever you may be in the world, whatever you are doing, keep on keeping on. You’re doing a great job and you are good enough.

Until next time.


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Brittney White

Super helpful, flirting with the SheCodesPro after month of unsuccessful self-paced videos.