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Thoughts on Selenium 101 Certification from LambdaTest


LambdaTest created their different Certifications delivering them at free cost! They have a detailed announcement on their blog.

I took the Selenium 101 exam and I passed. I will share my thought with you.

My thoughts

First of all, I don’t believe that much about certifications that don’t have a way to make you practice it.

I do recommend for everyone who wants to take testing/quality paid certifications like ISTQB or related the following: invest your time and money into courses, books, and practicing the tech skills most of the open positions in the market required. It will worth your time, money, and dedication.

I’m not telling you to give up your current focus on those certifications if you have. I truly believe you will learn something valuable. My main concern is regarding the experience you can have from different sources and get prepared for your dream job.

What about the LambdaTest certification?

I would say it worth your time. I liked it because:

  • there are multiple-choice questions
  • there is an assignment task
  • it’s free!

Part 1: Multiple choice questions

You need to select the correct questions regarding a topic. The same procedure that all certification has. There are some questions I think don’t belong/fit into the Selenium knowledge base like questions about Apache POI and Excel files, regexp, and Selenium 1.

I might consider the Selenium 1 questions valid for those that have legacy code wrote down in these versions, but I would say it’s unusual.

Part 2: Assignment task

I loved this one. They will give you a web app link and the e2e scenario to automate. A real e2e scenario.

There’s only one thing I think is not that valid to reproduce, which is a download part, but you might see a weird requirement from your PO to test if the PDF report can be download (!!!).

You must deliver the assignment task in a “short” period, so get prepared.
Btw, it should be functional and run because they will do it!

I would say to deliver the assignment in a functional way rather than the most beautiful code you can create with some design patterns. The focus is to show that you know how to automate an e2e scenario.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to give it a try? If you are an experienced engineer you can “play” with the assignment and even learn something new. If you are learning Selenium this is a good way to validate your knowledge.

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Everton Schneider

Any plan to get the Advanced?

It would be nice to see another article talking about that one.
Thanks for sharing!