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Tools to improve as a Programmer

Hello Devs! I have put together some activities to improve daily as a programmer. Be you a web developer, Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack; whatever you are into, as long as you are coding then this is for you.

It's all in one Discord server. This server has channels for all programmers.

The primary aim of this server is to make programmers develop and improve on a daily basis.


Coding Tasks: Get access to tasks from our API as often as you want. You can also add tasks if you want.

Tasks are into different categories, beginners, intermediates, and experts.
I have made a bot to supply you any category you need.

Project challenging: Challenge yourself or others in building projects that will improve your confidence and skills. Good thing is you can be challenged as well. I recently challenged myself to build a NoSQL database Clone with JavaScript Classes which I have done.

100DaysOfCode: The 100DaysOfCode is one of the best ways to stick to coding daily and realize your daily achievements.

With this challenge you dedicate at least an hour of coding daily.
I built a bot to track your progress on this challenge.

100DaysOfLearning: Are you learning a new technology? Taking a new course? And you can't seem to be focused. Well this challenge is for you.

This challenge will task you to commit at least an hour to learning on a daily basis.
There is also a bot that tracks your progress on this challenge.

Numerous Project Ideas: You a beginner? And want to put your learning into practice with some real projects? Then this is for you.

Be it mini projects like calculator, calendar or big projects like a Music app, we've got you covered.
I am building a bot for this function.
When I am done with the bot, you will be able to add project ideas as well.

Infinite Resources: New technologies in town! New courses! Great Books! New Tools! In this server you get to hear it and you get to share it.

Projects: You can share your projects for testing and feedback. For collaborations, suggestions etc.

There are numerous other features and more others to come. Joining this server is completely free, no boost, no pro feature.

If you want to join. Click here

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