Programming is ...

In the same style as the Love is ... comic, write your best Programming is ... line.

To start this off, an adaptation of a Louis Srygley quote:

[Without requirements or design, ]
Programming is ... the art of adding bugs to an empty text file.

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Programming is ... an exercise in managed uncertainty.

Programming is ... the art of sending stack overflow a lot traffic.

Programming is... pain, anyone who tells you differently is selling something.

Programming is pain

Oh no 😱 That is not right. It should not ever be like that.

import english

print(“Programming is ... “ + english.words[“programming”].definitions[0])


Programming is ... a perpetual process where you start to overthink, and use it to overcomplicate simple concepts.

Programming is ... the mud on your hand that won't wash off.

Programming is ... the path to the dark side. Programming leads to bugs, bugs lead to debugging, debugging leads to suffering.

Programming is ... the closest you'll ever get to learning magic.

Programming is... a compelling yet abusive relationship.

Programming is... ..but it was working on my local. 😔😔😫

Programming is... Learning that most software is not as well made as you used to think

Introducing bugs in a manageable way until it works.😎

Programming is... drawing constellations in the night sky of 0s and 1s

Programming is... Learning to let things go.

That code you spent weeks working on a few years ago? Yea let it go. Delete it. At first you might feel sad and it hurts, but soon you'll learn it feels so gooood.

... feeling proud when you solve hard task.
... feeling a little disappointed when someone finds better solution.

There's always going to be a better solution, no need to feel bad.

No need, sure... But it happens. :))

Programming is ... feel like having superpowers, which we have to use with responsibility.

...or, in any kind - usefull at all.

I mean, i'm pretty sure it's not exactly irresponsible to create the 100th internal-tool-CRUD-app, but it kinda feels like using ironman's arc-reactor as a beer coster - useful in a technical sense, but somehow short of it's possibilities.

Programming is ... endless abstraction

Programming is going from uncertain of how something works to certain, back to uncertain because you later learn of the various indirection and high-level constructs necessary to facilitate your original and subsequent solutions.

Programming is ... overcomplicating things without even noticing.

Programming is ... a way to convert feature requests to bug reports over multiple deadlines.

Programming is ...

INPUT=$(cat /dev/left_ear)

printf "OUTPUT: %s\n" $INPUT > /dev/right_ear

if you know what I mean ...

...frustrating, until you're done, then it's a short moment of awesome. and then, it's legacy and frustrating again.

Programming is... discovering that silly error which has been bugging you forever

Programming is ... the art of discovering new problems that you didn't know existed, or could.

Programming is....thinking precisely and writing it down.

Programming is ... where was I before that email came in?

Programming is ... thinking outside the “editor”.

Programming is ... continuous learning and relearning

Programming is.. Writing the script for the future... But it mostly involves choosing a variable name and positioning a div

Programming is... well, it works on my computer...

Programming is ... ... si gnimmargorP

Programming is ... the most maddening and rewarding of professions.

Programming is ... good unless u ran into some troublesome bugs!

Programming is... an exercise of cause and effect without knowing either the causes or the effects.

Programming is ... making something cool, then fixing its bugs until you decide to rewrite it.

Programming is writing instructions for a mediator to persuade a highly intelligent robot to do your bidding

Programming is... never having to say you're sorry. With so many moving parts, frameworks and libraries in your project, you can always shift the blame 😂

A procarious balance between creating and repairing, while navigating a nimble monstrosity in a rough sea of denial, contradiction, and bliss.

Programming is a bunch of monkeys at keyboards that sometimes type something that the other monkeys use :)

Programming is... making me wish I was a ditch digger today.

Programming is.... Why the beep is this not working... 😂😂

Programming is the art of creating beautiful new world... Or trying to repair the nightmarish world of others!

Programming is ...

(Oh, wait! We got infinite loop here. We need to interrupt this and fix it ASAP!)

Programming is the art of creating an program from these ingredients: Thousands of lines of existing coding, hundreds of statements, multi-page request in amateur prose.

Programming is...forgetting that bugs have feelings!

Programming is...looking at your code 2 years later and wondering why someone actually paid you to write that crap!

Programming is....the joy you feel when your tests break for the right reasons

Programming is ... lala here lala there until it works

Programming is... playing with puzzles all day and getting paid pretty well for it.

Programming is... ..what the beep am I doing since these many years??

Programming is ... telling computer what to do, and it actually doing it. EXACTLY as YOU told it to do...

Programming is ... dealing with the stupidest thing really smart people have thought up, forever.

Programming is... the art of finding small things that annoy you and smashing them with a hammer

Programming is... ..but it was working yesterday. 😓😓

Programming is ... not knowing what you're doing a majority of the time, but figuring it out regardless.

Programming is ... staring at the screen and pondering: "why could it ever work"

Programming is... ..who committed code on git with my username?? 😒😒

Programming is... rejoicing when you've moved that box 2 pixels after banging your head for 2 hours.

Programming is... puzzle solving for people who like typing.

Programming is... ton of node_modules

Programming is ... not about knowing what works, but about what doesn't

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