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Nahuel Jesús Sacchetti
Nahuel Jesús Sacchetti

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My Go (Golang) Adventure

It's been three days I started with Go. I got caught with it because some chit-chatting with a friend, which is almost the only way I start with this kind of things (probably because my lack of creativity, I need a trigger).

Can't really say much with 3 days of programming but I've been having lots of fun with the code, even though there are some things that I don't like (but they are just code styling like the lack of semi-colons and the fact that standard is "use the tab character") but then I've got used to it.

Setting up Emacs

Spent some time Friday afternoon to setup my Emacs for Go. It was quite easy, specially because the godoc page already explains it.

My first program

I started with the all famous "hello, world" but then, right away, implemented the http package and doing requests to different APIs. Started to play with the os package and the Stdin as well as the arguments passed to the program. All these because I already know what I want.

I want to create a terminal application to navigate through Twitter inspired on Michael Lazar's rtv (which is a reddit terminal browser). I used to use twittering-mode on Emacs but I'm starting to move all these perks outside Emacs now so I need a way to read my Twitter feed.

Then, I got distracted

I found some bindings for OpenGL and the SDL library and had some fun opening windows and rendering funny quotes from the API (warning, strong language). Well, the weekend is to have fun, right?

The Go Programming Language

The Go Programming Language book

I immediately bought Donovan's and Kernighan's The Go Programming Language and doing great progress so far. Not too much deep into reading but I find it fun and easy to read. It goes super-well with my the approach I take when learning a new language.

Moving forward

I'm liking Go a lot! I'm looking forward to deep learn this language and have my terminal Twitter app up and running. I already got my hands on termbox ;)

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Charles Francoise

Nice to see someone else on here is having fun dabbling with Go. I think "fun" is one of the key features of the language. Keep posting, I want to hear more about your adventures.

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Nahuel Jesús Sacchetti

Totally agree. As soon as I posted this I started to read others opinions and posts and everyone is saying that is fun.

I'll continue with my posts, thanks for your comments!