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Techniques to study better using E-Learning Platform

Are you thinking about taking a class at Gitgirl, Coursera or any other E-Learning Platform? Or Are you currently enrolled in a program at the platforms outlined? Are you in the middle of a class and wondering how to juggle everything on your table? If you answered yes to either of these questions you may want to read through the 5 tips below.

Now let’s hydro-power the horse.

Be Patient:

If the course you have signed up for is not something you have studied before, or if you have not taken a class for some time, be patient with yourself. Online learning is a diverse form of gaining knowledge that may take some time getting used to. Take the time to become familiar with this type of instruction by re-watching videos, take exercises or stepping away for a little while if you become confused about a topic. Remember, you have student mentors and Instructors that can assist to explain things to you, so be patient and take the time to learn.

  1. Drink a small bit every day:

    E-Learning programs are composed of units that consist of units that are comprised of a series of short videos; each is on average 2–3 minutes. Having this in mind, make a realistic agenda that allows you to chip away at the video nuggets and gives you enough time to complete the projects. Choose a time slot each day, at least 1 hour 30 mins or any time suitable for you to take your course. Classes at Gitgirl are similar to class on campus, make your course part of your day-to-day activities

  2. Note Taking:

    It will be helpful for you to take note of examples and ideas that you like or found challenging. During your learning process don’t forget “you always remember what is written down” also it’s just as important to know what you don’t know as well as what you do. As you watch the videos, write down helpful hints and tips from the instructor or key points from the lecture. Your note might be useful to other students, you can share your note on the communication channel.

  3. Make Friends and Socialize: There are actually quite a large number of students taking courses from E-Learning right now. This could be of good support to you, get on the General Channel and socialize. Communication is prime and also serve as a way to share your knowledge. If you have a trick or a hint that helps you understand something, share it on the General Channel, your fellow students will appreciate the tips!

  4. Use Recommended materials and participate in other extra curriculum activities(Tuesday Insight, Thursday Tease and Webinars):

    Each course includes recommended materials that are meant to be used alongside the course videos. Additionally, Tuesday Extra curriculum activities are of good support to help you understand your program. Subsequently, our weekend webinar is also helpful, in the webinar, the Instructor will explain and elaborate on the topic you find difficult to understand. I hope with this point of mine I have been able to convince and not confuse you that these above-mentioned tips will help you graduate successfully from an E-Learning Platform.

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thanks for this it really helped a lot.
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