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IT Staff Augmentation: Location Doesn’t Matter

This blog was originally published on Bacancy Technology

I was surfing on the internet, and I come across research conducted by Korn Ferry – a global management consulting firm predicting the challenges and more difficult times for technology companies. The study was conducted back in 2018 for the specific US region; it stated that telecommunications, media, and technology to be shorted with 1.1 Million skilled resources, and the gap will have a significant rise to 4.3 million by 2030.

Due to COVID 19 Pandemic, who would have thought that outsourcing software development and IT team augmentation will have a significant rise all of a sudden? If you are to weighing options, whether to hire a dedicated offshore development team or should go for onshore?

Then to help you answer your questions, I am writing this blog post exploring some significant considerations that will help you make viable decision-taking realist business goals.

Onshore vs. Offshore Software Development:

Restricting your software development outsourcing to your region might require you to spend a considerable budget, mostly when it belongs to the US or European region. That’s the reason the offshore model is highly preferable then onshore. My personal preference if offshore software development and the reasons are apparently visible. The offshore engagement model is not only a cost-effective approach, but it also saves your valuable time as well as money. Upscale, upskill, and flexibility of the developers and development are added advantages of the offshore software model.

What I mean by flexibility is you can hire dedicated offshore software development team just like your in-house team. So you don’t have to worry about different time zones and communication hurdles. The offshore developers are streamlined, well-versed, and efficient, be it offshore software development services or IT staff augmentation services.

Expanding your search to the global market has a much broader range of talented individuals. For the ideal preferred IT outsourcing, you can consider India and Ukraine as these countries are the most preferred and top IT outsourcing destinations.

All you are required to take into consideration is the Agile software development approach and the right set of skills and technologies as it makes the team productive and project development enjoyable.

IT Staff Augmentation: Technology, Tools and Techniques Matters a Lot

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