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What is IT Staff Augmentation, Why you need it?

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Your internal thesaurus might think that “outsourcing” or “consulting” can be good synonyms, but let me tell you that there are some key differences of staff augmentation you should understand before embarking your next project.

IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing model where you use outside staff on a temporary basis for augmenting the capacity of your organization.

When you consider IT staff augmentation for extending your team, it usually includes,

Dedicated Programmers | Designers | QA Engineers | Scrum Master

Let’s take a look at the major benefits you will get with IT staff augmentation;

Large talent network

One of the best advantages with staff augmentation is that you will have the access of the ever-growing network of available IT talent. You will have the best-suited professional as per your requirements.

Increased Adaptability & Flexibility

The scalability of your business will be benefited with IT staff augmentation services. You can take up all the projects without getting concerned about the size of the projects. Additionally, you will be able to scale the size of your team based on your project requirements. This way, IT staff augmentation services offer great flexibility.

Saves time

Imagine your valuable time getting invested in searching and interviewing unqualified candidates in searching the right candidate. Whereas, when you choose staff augmentation services, the company will do that for you. So, you will get the best resource as fast as possible.

When you choose IT staff augmentation services, the amount of time you will save is one of the biggest advantages. With staff augmentation services, it will take only a few days to find and hire the right talent.

Save Money

Reducing the cost will be definitely on your priority list while considering IT staff augmentation services. Then, with IT staff augmentation you'll be saving hundreds of dollars that you would have needed to invest with the in-house team.

It is costly to hire new IT talent on your own. And don’t forget to include the other costs such as Insurance benefits, retirement benefits, worker’s compensation, training and development cost , legal expenses and what not. And think about the worst case, even after bearing all these expenses, the candidate leaves your project midways.

What Is the Difference Between Managed IT Services and IT Staff Augmentation?

The simple difference between managed service and staff augmentation is that in managed services your outsourcing partner company will manage the team whereas in staff augmentation you will be the one managing the augmented team.

Why do you need IT staff augmentation services?

There are various scenarios where you can leverage IT staff augmentation services;

  • Increased Capacity
    Increasing the size of team to meet up the temporary spike in daily routine work

  • Bridge to hire
    A bridge for providing IT staff when you hire a permanent staff for longer term needs.

  • Specialized Skills
    For acquiring a specific & out-of-house set of skills that is required for projects

  • Strategic
    Building a team utilizing almost fully flexible labor as a means of gaining competitive advantage.

Are IT Staff Augmentation Companies Popular?

The answer is 100% yes if you are wondering if IT staff augmentation services are popular. There are various companies that offer the IT staff augmentation services for building offshore dedicated development teams as an extension of your in-house team.

Here, I am providing the list of best 5 companies that offers IT staffing services;

How IT Staff Augmentation Works?

Don’t have a clear idea about how It staff augmentation works ? No worries! I’m here to help you out. Here are the step that you can follow while considering staff augmentation;

  • Identify the required skills, qualifications, expertise, number of developers, etc.
  • Review and selection.
  • Integration of new team members.
  • Continuous support and nurturing.

Final words

IT staff augmentation is a process where you can hire the required staff from the outsourcing vendor to fulfill your skill gaps and extend your in-house team. You can get the various benefits such as cost saving, access to skills, flexibility and many more with the offshore staff augmentation services.

So, if you are considering IT staff augmentation for your next project, then this is the best option for you to. Hope this answer will be helpful.

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Thank you for such useful information about staff augmentation services. It is really very convenient to contact companies that provide services in this direction and quickly find the right employee. Here is a list of the top 19 companies.

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IT staff augmentation is the process of hiring freelance developers (or other technical talent) on a contract, freelance basis. Hiring a freelance developer offers a swift recruitment process, typically taking less than 2 weeks. With no recruitment costs and low overhead, you can engage pre-vetted applicants without incurring additional expenses. The risk of turnover is minimal, and the commitment is adaptable, allowing for temporary, part-time, or long-term collaborations.

I'd recommend exploring further insights on this topic in an article by Trevor Wencl, which delves into the nuances of staff augmentation. You can find the article here: