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IT Staff Augmentation: Before and After COVID-19

This blog was originally published on Bacancy Technology

No one ever had thought that life would bring such drastic changes due to this pandemic. The Coronavirus devastated various industries like hospitality, entertainment, and travel. However, the IT sector saw an unexpected shift in the business processes and work patterns.

Unlike the misfortunate domains that saw a downfall due to the economic downturn and other regulatory measures, the IT industry has instead witnessed productivity by adapting the IT staff augmentation model.

In the pre-COVID times, IT industrialists would opt for staff augmentation when they were short of in-house resources or skill sets. With the onset of social distancing measures and work-from-home practice implementation, IT companies could no longer distinguish between their in-house staff member working from home and the remote dedicated developers hired offshore.
As per a Statista report, the global outsourcing market in 2019 before the Coronavirus hit the world was $ 92.5 billion. And after the pandemic, the IT staff augmentation market size grew to $ 132.9 billion.

With the strict lockdown implementations, IT companies go digital by incorporating Cloud Services for their employees and augmented development teams. Gartner Inc. mentions that the total Cloud Service revenue grew from $ 214.3 billion to $ 249.8 billion.

As per the Research and Markets report, the Global Revenue of Outsourced Customer Experience Market in 2019 was $ 78.8 billion, whereas after COVID-19, in 2020 was $ 82.6 billion.

The Statista report for Worldwide spending in the outsourcing industry’s recruitment process depicts $ 15 billion in 2019, which grew up to $ 18 billion in 2020. By the end of 2021, Statista reports that IT outsourcing’s market size will hit $ 413.7 billion.

The above stats prove that the COVID pandemic has boosted IT companies to switch to IT Staff Augmentation Services more often that resulted in the increased staff augmentation market size.
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IT Staff Augmentation: Before and After COVID-19

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