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Stretches and Exercises to Relieve Upper, Mid and Lower Back Pain

Originally posted on my blog.

I occasionally get back pain for various reasons but for some reason, today it was really bugging me. It was semi-painful and I know it's because I slacked off on being mindful about my posture throughout the day while at the computer. When I got home, I did a bunch of searching for some good stretches to relieve my back pain. I found quite a few but narrowed it down to a list I felt many of you would also benefit from.

Most of these stretching and exercise "guides" include the same types of stretches but each of them has their own way of presenting them (photos, videos, etc). The stretches (and yoga poses) that really helped me were the cat-cow pose, seated twist, cobra pose and child's pose. By the end of my stretching session, I was just alternating between the child's pose and cobra pose. I felt a lot better after.

As I said before, the following websites include different photos, videos, explanations, and additional resources related to stretching, exercising and wellness, one of which you might find more relevant to your needs for whatever reason.

Try These Stretches to Relieve Upper Back Pain

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5 Stretches to Release and Relieve Your Mid Back

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4 Stretches for the Middle Back

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Exercise and Back Pain

And finally, here's a mindful stretching guide PDF from Berkeley.

I hope you found these resources helpful especially since like me, I'm sure many of you spend a lot of time seated in front of a computer. Maybe I'll invest in one of those adjustable standing desks one day.

Let me know which stretch/exercise helped relieve your back pain. :)

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