From Python to C#

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It looks like I'll be helping a friend with a contract he has, and I'd be the main developer, which is great. But it's a .NET / Winforms gig, and I'm a Python developer.

So I need to get up to speed quickly. Can anyone name any good resources, aside from msdn/channel 9/MVA? Not looking for hand holding type stuff, a quick pace is fine.

Cheers in advance.

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You'll have to jump quite widely from Python to C#. But chances are you'll stay. LINQ is a wonderful thing and I find it sad that no non-Lisp language has something that comes close.


Thanks. I did dabble in .net core 1.1 when it came out, so it's not entirely new to me. But I probably remember less than I think. 😂

Any resources you'd recommend?


The official docs are pretty good especially anything at the old docs at msdn are hit and miss.


Pluralsight has a lot of C# (and a ten day free trial)... They have a couple courses on winforms but one of them is in VB.NET


Thanks. I have access to pluralsight, so I'll definitely check them out further.


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