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How to integrate Endtest with BrowserStack


Endtest allows you to create, manage and execute Automated Tests, without having to write any code.

By integrating with BrowserStack, you can execute Mobile Tests created with Endtest on a range of real Android and iOS mobile devices offered by BrowserStack.

Getting Started

1) Go to your BrowserStack account.
2) Click on App Automate from the Products section:

BrowserStack App Automate

3) Click on the Show button from the Username and Access Keys section from the left side of the page:

BrowserStack App Automate

4) Go to the Settings page from Endtest.
5) Add the Username and Access Key from BrowserStack App Automate in the BrowserStack User and BrowserStack Key inputs from the Endtest Settings page.

Endtest BrowserStack

6) Click on the Save button.

Nice job! Your Endtest account is now connected with your BrowserStack account.

Running your first test

1) Upload your APK or IPA file in the Drive section from Endtest.

Endtest Drive

2) After that, go to the Mobile Tests section and click on the Run button.

Endtest Execution

3) Select BrowserStack from the Grid dropdown.

4) Select the Platform and the Real Device on which you want to execute your test on.

5) Select your APK file in the APK Download URL input.
If you select an iOS device, the APK Download URL input would be replaced with the IPA Download URL input.

After starting the test execution, you will be redirected to the Results section where you'll get live video and all the results, logs and details in real-time.

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